Statement on charges against Omar Maani

//Statement on charges against Omar Maani

Statement on charges against Omar Maani

August 31, 2020

SafeSpeed had no knowledge of Omar Maani’s criminal conduct, and SafeSpeed certainly did not authorize it and does not condone it.  Months ago, SafeSpeed removed Omar Maani from SafeSpeed, he has not been active in the business for a substantial period of time.

What Omar Maani did should not reflect on the values and integrity of SafeSpeed and its employees—the people who work hard at the company every day and are invested in its success and integrity.

SafeSpeed is as offended as anyone by what Omar Maani did. His alleged conduct has and will continue to set SafeSpeed back. Far from benefiting SafeSpeed, what Omar Maani has done undercuts the important work we do to serve local municipalities and help them save lives.  We will continue to serve municipalities consistent with the values of honesty, integrity, and a belief in enforcing the law.

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